Surf lessons Summer & Easter

Prices surf lessons Summer & Easter

In high season we have courses every day, groups of morning and afternoon.

Surf Lesson in winter

Prices of surf lesson in winter.

The surf lesson in winter are Saturday and Sunday, could be in the morning or afternoon depending of sea conditions.

Surf lessons for beginners

  • Identify currents and breaking
  • Handling the table not to hit
  • Ratio 6 pupils maximum per monitor
  • Safety distance between students
  • Identify rocks and areas for free swimmers and surfers
  • Identify backfoot (regular or goofy)
  • Placement in the table
  • Technique basic paddling
  • Steps for the stand up
  • Correct balance above the table
  • Joint movement from the ankles to the neck.
  • Warm-up stand-up and paddling.
  • Exercises by pairs of strength and effort.
  • We go up to the water by the waist
  • We direct the table towards the sand
  • Stand up in white waves
  • Correct balance of weights
  • Stretch and recover in the sand
  • Feedback on the session
  • We collect and clarify material

Advanced surfing lessons

  • Identify currents and breaking
  • Handling the table not to hit
  • Ratio 8 students maximum per monitor
  • Safety distance between students
  • Identify rocks and areas for free swimmers and surfers
  • Identify wave area
  • Identify input channels
  • System of preferences
  • Timming and paddling
  • Correct balance for take off and walls
  • How to stop the wave
  • Joint movement from the ankles to the neck
  • Warm up oriented stand up, paddling and changes of direction.
  • Exercises by pairs of strength and effort
  • We enter through channels of current
  • We make ducks or tortoise
  • Correct location in the wave area
  • Timming correct paddling and stand up
  • Frontside & Backside waves
  • We respect preferences and shifts
  • Stretch and recover in the sand
  • Session Feedback
  • Cleaning and collection of material

Playas de los cursos de surf.

  • Located in the town of Corrubedo, the best beach for initiation of the barbanza, bottom of sand, little current and soft and long waves.
  • Sea bottom W, force between 1.5 and 3 meters
  • There are different peaks of waves, the southern area of the beach is more exposed
    North winds
    All tides

  • It is part of the natural park of Corrubedo, located in the parish of Carreira a few km from Ribeira.
  • We will attend days of smaller between 0.5 and 1.5 m with direction NW and W /Wind NE and North Loose
  • All tides, less strong tide with little sea.

  • Located in the town of Corrubedo direction to the lighthouse.
  • Beach more exposed to the sea of all the barbanza, we will go days of little sea 0,2 – 1,2 meters.
  • Winds S, E and NE loose.
  • Beach with current and rocks, not recommended for apprentices without companions.

  • The beach of Aguieira is located in the Concello of Porto do Son, in the ria of Muros-Noia
  • It is an ideal beach that we will attend in Winter days of much sea
  • Sea W and Sw from 3.5 m
  • Winds S, Sw, W
  • Left long and maneuverable all tides.


Experiences of some users.

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Simplemente xenial! O personal superatento! Sin duda pasounos a maña voando e con moitas ganas de repetir ”

Marta Inha Zaíd

“Una experiencia genial, se aprende un montón y los profes son encantadores 🙂 ”

Patty González

“Gran fin de semana y gente muy maja…deseando volver! Le pongo 4 estrellas hasta que me digan qué hacer con los dolores del día después! ”

Javier Cebey Garabal

Frequently Asked Questions about Surf Lessons

Is there a minimum or maximum age in surf courses?

The minimum age is 5 years, baby surfing groups range from 5 to 9 years and are always taught on the beach of La Ladeira and children will be in shallow areas where they will stand.

There is no maximum age, you put the limits!

What do I have to take to the course?

In Surfing courses all the material included, table, invention, neoprene.

It is recommended to bring:

– A swimsuit glued or swimming pool to wear under the neoprene.

– A towel.

– Flip flops

– Neoprene socks.

How many people are in the groups?

Initiation groups will be between 4-6 students per monitor, will always depend on sea conditions and the needs of users.

The groups of improvement can be up to 8 students per monitor if the sea conditions allow it.

Groups will be formed by levels and ages so as not to slow down learning.

What happens if there are no waves?

Due to the geographic location of Corrubedo, it is very rare that there are daily dishes, with very small days we have the beach of Balieiros or Serans, which are the most exposed beaches of the North Atlantic. But in case of success we always have plans B;

– Paddle Surf: Routes, surf mini-waves with giant boards, surfing competition by team with paddles …

– Functional exercises: Improvement of paddling, ducks, stand-up, balances …

– Kayak: We can introduce the kayaks in the routes with paddle or competition of circuits of paddling.

Duration of lessons

The duration of the courses is 2h, the course begins when the students start putting on the wetsuits, where we explain how to put the neoprene. We always try to be between 1h and 1h 30min inside the water, 20min warmings and theory.

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