Grip Surf School

The Security

The security is the most important for us, so the students must to know how is working the current, how to use the surf material and how pass the waves, all of those before entry to the water. Safety first!!

Having fun

The main thing is that you enjoy in the water, so we will search the best conditions for your level, You’ll never be afraid.

Learn fast.

When you have learned the security and you are having fun you will learn really fast, also our teacher give you the best advise of support posible.

Corrubedo Surf School

Who we are

Grip Surf School, is a Surf & Bodyboard school located in Ladeira’s beach, in Corrubedo town.Grip was opened in 2015. The peninsula of Corrubedo is perfect location for surf, everydays is posible surf around his beaches. Ladeira’s beach is the best beach for begginers, the waves are really slow and easy. The staff of Grip Surf School are young, profesional and friendly with the students, they are surfing all his life and teaching many years ago. Also for us is really important take care with nature and keep clean our beaches.

  • Days of Surfing 85% 85%
  • Safety 99% 99%
  • Take care with nature 90% 90%
  • Have fun 85% 85%
  • Team work 85% 85%
  • Clientes satisfechos 90% 90%

Team of Grip Surf School

Alex Sebastian

Alex Sebastian

Manager Surf School

  • Surf Technical level I
  • 1º European BB 2008 Sagres
  • 1º Cto Spanish 2015
Manuel Lampon

Manuel Lampon

Monitor Surf & Bodyboard

  • Surf Technical level I
  • Firefighter
  • Quialified in Physical Education
Pablo Muñiz

Pablo Muñiz

Monitor Surf y Bodyboard

  • Surf Technical level I
  • Lifeguard
  • 15 years experience Surf School